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Health Benefits of Winter Melon

There are different kinds of winter melon, like ash gourd, winter gourd and white gourd. Sometimes because of the fuzzy appearance inside they are also termed as fuzzy gourd. The plant has a great viability as fruit and vegetables as the entire plant can be consumed.

Chinese make this fruits and vegetables into winter melon soup, popularly known as dong gwa jong and Tung qua Chung which is used with pork and or beef.

Chinese are the one of the top consumer of this kind of winter melon, especially during celebrations. Aside from using it as fruits and vegetables, it is also widely used as medicine.

It can cure several kinds of diseases such as, peptic ulcers, preventing blood loss from nose, diseases like tuberculosis, diabetes, frequent urination. Those are but a few that this plant can be used to cure.

As medicinal winter melons are used in Ayurveda treatments and is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. Its main purpose is to promote good health.

They are also having many culinary uses. They are made into candies, Chinese mooncakes, the Petha very popular in India and Pakistan. Indians uses it for preparing spicy curries.


Food Healthy Body

There are several nutrient rich and catalyst for good health known as super foods. They not only maximize your immune system but also contribute in the body healing compound, which reduces inflammation and can kill off harmful bacteria.

Well it is so obvious that to stay happy in life one should be healthy both body and mind as well. So in order to attain that goal one should make these super foods as part of the daily routine.

There are at least 14 superfoods that will help us live a more productive life, live longer and a healthy life. Following are the 14 superfoods to consider;


  • Avocados
  • Beans
  • Berries
  • Broccoli
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Fish (the oily variety                                                                
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Oranges
  • Quinoa
  • Spinach and kale
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Tea
  • Tomatoes
  • Yogurt 


Avocados are fruits which contribute to a healthy blood flow and a healthy brain. Beans on the other hand are rich in iron and fiber and keep our cholesterol at a normal level and will lower the risk of cancer ailment. Consuming beans on a regular basis will have a slimmer body than those that abstained.

Berries are also rich in fiber and contain antioxidants and if consume regularly will keep mind and body healthy as well. Broccoli is a green vegetables that is bone healthy vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K and has the ability to suppress tumor growth that reduce the risk of contracting cancer.

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and natural stimulants that increase focus, concentration and enhance your mood. Egg yolk also contains antioxidant which keeps our eyes healthy. Eggs also contain brain development and memory enhancing choline.

Fish especially salmon and sardines are sources of omega 3 that are important for the brain. Eating nuts and seeds will daily will promote a longer life. Walnuts are also rich in omega 3 which is good for the heart.

Oranges are known for the source of vitamin C, and this is known that vitamin C is responsible to produce the white blood cells and is a powerful antibody that uses to fight infections.

Quinoa is rich in protein, iron and fiber that helps prevents heart disease and as well as diabetes. Spinach and kale are very rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals and when taken regularly will have greater chance of keeping out of ovarian, breast and other cancers ailment.

Sweet potatoes are root crop that are rich in  A, and are good for the eyes and bones. Tea has a very high quality of antioxidants called flavonoids and will help control the disease of Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer as well.

Lycopene is mostly found in tomatoes and this is good for the skin that protect from ultra violet rays. Yogurt is very good eating because it contains good bacteria and promotes healthy guts and also rich in calcium that aids in the prevention of osteoporosis.


3 Best Healthy Aging Tips

Well one of the things to consider in order to attain healthy aging is to eat less, laugh more, deal with your stress and take sleep seriously at least consider the eight hour sleep at night.

According to Frank Lipman M.D. on how to eat for anxiety to how to get optimal vitamin D level to the specific blood test all these should be taken up during the annual test exam that you undergo.

The best healthy aging tips are;

Move Intentionally.

Moving intentionally is not just exercising more but exercising intentionally and intelligently is so crucial for extending once health.

Everybody knows that as we grow older we should be very careful so that we will not get injury to our self, because it is hard for our body to recover from injury not as when we were young.

So in order to avoid such injury we should adopt the way our body wills response to whatever exercises we perform. If we are not exercising safely and properly, then for sure this will lead us in the opposite effect of healthy aging.


A Little Adversity

According to Dr. Lipman putting a little bit of stress encompasses a wide range of physical adversity. To attain these we have to subject our body in intensive exercise, experience hot and cold temperatures and even fasting so our body will get to adjust on the little stress that we undergo and in this way we will be able to stimulate longevity.

In just putting a little stress into our body just enough to stimulate what some people call these longevity genes. In doing these our body is being taught how to handle big stressors like illnesses, or any environmental stressor that will come our way.

So make sure that we don’t put our body under too much stress, because we know that in doing so will a related health issue will occur. So if you need to take something to eat take it, in this way you are not putting too much stress into your body.


Don’t Take Life So Seriously

Remember don’t ever take life so seriously, instead always stay happy and enjoy life in this world of biohacking and meticulous measuring. We might be caught off guard regarding blood test and food restrictions that may cause us more harm than good.

There is this term biohacking which is also called DIY biology. It is a broad term that can cover huge activities or from performing science experiments or other organisms to tracking your own sleep or by changing your own biology by injecting young blood into your vein and hoping it will fight aging.

Currently there is the most notoriety who experiment in their own bodies and is done outside of the traditional lab and institution in the hope that they will be boosting their physical performance.

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