Stay Safe During The Epidemic

When the populace is being struck by an epidemic the tendency for the people is to panic. It is best for us to stay calm and find out what precautionary measures should be taken to avoid any further spread of the disease.

What should be done is to get advice from health professionals like doctors and nurses who have the knowledge with regards to any kind of epidemic and how to deal with it.

There are many things to follow in order to keep us safe and to avoid being contacted by such deadly diseases and to keep us away from the contamination of the said epidemics.

As always being emphasized by the government health authority to maintain good hygiene in our body as well as our surroundings where we reside. The number one on the list is about washing our hands with soap and water.

The second thing to remember is to avoid touching your face, mouth, or eyes without first washing the hands or if there is no water and soap available use a hand sanitizer to keep our hands free of bacterias.

Aside from the items mentioned above, alcohol is also the best alternative to clear our hands of bacteria. When meeting acquaintances or friends do not shake hands or hugs each other.

When you go out for an important errand, like going to buy something in the grocery for the family, bear in mind to always not touch doors of cars to open or grocery carts with your bare hands instead use a paper towel or much better to use gloves.

Now upon reaching home if you have gloves that you wear outside be sure to spray it with alcohol and put it in the laundry and if the gloves are made of rubber after spraying with alcohol dispose of it off in the proper trash.

It is also advisable to get full protection whenever you are outside your home is to use a face mask that covers your mouth and nose securely, and likewise, a surgical mask will do the work.

A good suggestion also is to put a damn rug in front of your door entrance and your exit door that contains disinfectants. So whenever there are visitors that come to see you they have to step on it or remove their shoes before getting inside the house.

Now on the side door just right inside provide a hand sanitizer or a bottle of alcohol for them to use before going inside.

The disease like the coronavirus will only show symptoms after about 14 days of contracting the disease. Symptoms that a patient usually experiences are weakness, fever, dry cough, tiredness, loss of taste and smell and difficulty breathing with severe cases already.

So if ever one of you experiences those kinds of symptoms better immediately quarantine yourself and call a doctor to check on you and asses your situation.

In most observation, the majority that has been struck by this disease are seniors which have already low resistance to various diseases. Their immune system is no longer as active as when they were in their prime years.

So friends if you have a senior in your household please take good care of them and as a precautionary measure tell her or him to just stay quarantined at home and in this manner, everybody will not be put to an embarrassing situation.

As a friendly reminder always checks with the government agencies especially the health department for any bulletin regarding the present situation of this epidemic that has struck our populace.

Doing these will help you keep well informed, what to do, where to get help, whom to contact in case of emergency and in this manner, you will always stay safe. So please always keep safe during this time of crisis that everybody is facing.

More importantly don’t forget to say a prayer to our  Almighty Father, because whatever crisis we are facing,  He can put it to stop, so prayer is so powerful that when you pray to the Father He will surely listen to us and grant us the help that we are asking.