Family Activities During Corona Virus Quarantine

During this critical times caused by the coronavirus disease where all people from all walks are instructed to quarantine themselves at home to prevent the spread of this disease, and most of the people are not used to this kind of situation find it hard for them to comply what the government is implementing.

There are lots of activities that can be done at home without going elsewhere to keep themselves busy. One of the activities that the entire family can gather together and watch movies which I know Netflix has offered for free during this crisis. There is also one that gives one month for free to watch and that is the Hulu platform.

There is also one platform that gives freedom to watch TV or movies nothing to pay and there are thousands of movies to choose from. The selection is either for kids and for the public, like comedy, action movies and even love story and they are all free for you to watch to keep the entire family entertained while on quarantine at home.

Aside from watching movies, there is also an indoor activity that the family can enjoy like indoor sports, one of which is table tennis, dart game, chess games, card games. There are lots of games that can be played indoor that can let all the people in quarantine to be kept busy.

There are still so many activities that can be done at home while in quarantine. The ladies while in quarantine they can do manicuring, hair styling, facial arts. Others can play games online and still, others can watch online exercise and follow how to do it.

While the rest are busy in their individual activities, the mother can do some cooking in the kitchen so that when there feel hungry they have something to put in their stomach. So to keep your self from getting bored you should switch the activities to be done each day.

So, parents, you should prepare a schedule of activities for each day so that the kids will not get bored performing the same activities each and every day. The schedule of activities should be programmed at least two or three days ahead of time so that every day there will be fresh and new activities for them to perform and they will never get bored for the duration of the quarantine period.

In this way, every household is kept inside the house and in this time of crisis we can help prevent the spread of this coronavirus and by doing this the virus will die a natural death.