Exercise Routine For Women Over 40

Women nowadays are considered to be in the new ageless generation. Why? because they are more concern about their health and especially their bodies. As published in one of the publisher’s exclusive surveys 96% of women over 40 don’t feel that they are on the middle age level. These are all because they focus on maintaining their exercise routine on health and wellness.

Taking into consideration that as our bodies age most of the parts of our body like bones will partly lose its density, our metabolism becomes slow and the estrogen level decreases. So that the process of aging should be countered a consistent routine exercise program should be religiously followed.

Life expectancy for women worldwide is about 70 and for developed nations, it is at around 80. Nowadays most women are being questioned why are they still in good shape considering their age. Well, this is all because they are consistently doing their routine exercises and focusing on health care and fitness even though they passed a certain age.

One of the most important types of exercise is jumping rope. Doing this for about 15 minutes a day will boost your oxygen level to improve your blood circulation You can start about 3-5 minutes per session and then be sure to complete the 15 minutes in a day doing the jumping rope.


It is also recommended that push-ups should be incorporated in the exercise routine since that is the gateway to the fitness challenged. By the addition of this kind of variation into your routine, you will gain more body movement by performing this kind of exercise. To keep up with the scheduled work out you may seek the help of a professional trainer or perhaps enroll in a gym and do the work out with a trainer

The length of time that an individual should work out in a week depends upon the individual’s time availability, but it should be at least 4 days a week for cardio and strength, and an additional 2days per week on strength exercises. Now on rest days, you should stay active by walking or running just do it lightly for about 20 minutes will do.

Now, this is about eating, it is necessary to eat snacks before every workout at least 45-60 minutes before the workout. It is recommended that a carb/healthy fat combination is best like brown rice, avocado, and cucumber. Then on the post-exercise, you should also take in a protein shake to ensure that the muscles will get what it is supposed to begin the rebuilding process.

By performing these routine exercises you will have a lean body and for you to maintain it you have followed this simple rule.

  • avoid sugar intake
  • pack snacks
  • avoid skipping snacks
  • check foods and supplements

So those are the tips for you to stay in shape and maintain the muscle definition in your 40s and apply as what you were in your 20s or 30s. So by just following the routine exercises and not missing it’s scheduled you will find out the big difference in your age and look at your past 40 marks.

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