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It is very important that we should take care of our bones while we are still young and even when we are already in our old age.  If we neglect and don’t take care by taking the right supplements, your bones will possibly deteriorate faster as you aged and will lead to loss of bone mass which we call osteoporosis, and osteogenesis which is brittle bones and breaks easily.

To maintain healthy bones through the entire life cycle there are few of the lots of things you can do. A little exercise, take good control of body weight, exposure to sunlight is one of the natural ways of getting strong bones and not to forget that diet also plays an important part in the maintenance of strong bones.

There are several nutrients that bones require to maintain their density and strength all throughout, like calcium, potassium, and vitamins C, D, and K.  Aside from these, there are eight natural great foods sources to add to your diet.

1.  Grapefruits         

Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. According to, one medium red grapefruit contains 120 percent that the body needs daily. Since collagen is 90 percent of the organic bone matrix that stores minerals, that’s why vitamin C is essential to one’s diet.

There are other alternatives aside from the grapefruit that will have the same healthy collagen formation as the grapefruit, such as papaya, strawberries, oranges, and pineapples that will give you a delicious diet.

2.  Leafy Green Vegetables   

You might be surprised why green leafy vegetables are a good source of calcium. Those vegetables considered to contain calcium are those that have dark green color such as,  kale, bok choy, green turnip, collard green, and Chinese cabbage

Accordingly, one cup of cooked green turnips contains about 200 milligrams of calcium and it is equivalent to about 20 percent of your body’s daily requirements. Likewise, the dark green leafy vegetables also contain vitamin K which is one factor that will reduce your risk for osteoporosis.

 3.  Eggs                                   

Eggs do not provide calcium but it has a small amount of vitamin D.  About 6 percent of the daily required intake can be found by consuming the egg yolk and so doing we will get the benefits of the bone boosting from this egg yolk.

Bones in our body consist of about one half of phosphate and this is found in eggs. Now to maximize the bone-strengthening benefits calcium needs phosphorus.   So it is necessary to consume eggs and other sources of phosphate to get the benefits of good skeletal condition.

4.  Dairy Products                 

Most beneficial for bone health are found in dairy products which are known for their calcium content. They are also fortified with vitamin D and is very important for good bone health.

In order to attain the necessary daily requirements, just take one cup of milk which provides about 30 percent of the daily intake. Likewise, one cup of plain yogurt will provide us about 42 percent of the daily intake of calcium.

5.  Salmon                               

Excellent sources of vitamin D can be found in salmon and other fatty fish like sardines, and mackerel. Fillets are the best how to consume fish but it is best to get the canned salmon.

The salmon that are in can have their soft bones included in the meat and this is very rich in calcium.  And accordingly, just three ounces of this contains 183 milligrams of calcium.

6.  Sweet Potato                           

Eating sweet potato is a great way to boost your bone health because this root crop has an excellent source of both potassium and magnesium. Since sweet potato is rich in magnesium it will help balance your vitamin D and will maintain your bone health.

On the other hand, while it is also rich in potassium it will help neutralize the acid in your body that will leach out calcium in your bones, thereby making your bones unhealthy. Eating a small size sweet potato will give us 31 milligrams of magnesium and 542 milligrams of potassium.

7.  Figs                                 

Figs are sweet with plenty of small seeds compacted inside and it has a green color when still young and becomes dark red in color as it gets ripe.

This fruit is a good source of calcium and eating about five fresh small figs is said to contain about 90 milligrams of calcium, and this will equate to about 10 percent of your body’s daily requirements.

8.  Almonds                       

There are several kinds of nuts that will provide health benefits but when it comes to bone health almonds comes first. Almonds can provide about 8 percent of your body daily value.

Almond has an excellent source of bone-strengthening magnesium nutrients that reside in the body’s bone and contains about 20 percent of the body’s daily value.

So if you want to maintain the health of your bones from youth to old age just follow the eight foods listed above and always include it in your daily diet.

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